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First show of the year 2015

Martta's critique:

Date: 21-3-2015

Class: Champion

Judge: Lynda Matthews (Ireland)

Critique: 2,5 year old very nice head, bite is correct, very nice eye, ear set is good, good reach of neck, nice shoulder and topline, nice angulated behind, moves well.

EXC1, BOB, BIR, CAC (club cac)

Herbert's critique:

Date: 21-3-2015

Class: Intermediate male

Judge: Lynda Matthews (Ireland)

Critique: 1,5 years, very nice head, his bite is correct, lovely eye, good earset, nice reach of neck, shoulderplacement is good, good elbows, nice underline, angulation is correct behind, topline is good, need to settle on the move.



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