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Show & LC

Wonderful weekend with show and coursing! Both dogs was very well awarded in both diciplines with BOB

Herbert's critique:

Date: 23-5-2015

Class: Intermediate male

Judge: Christophe Coppel (France)

Critique: A very good dog, built in good proportions, higher than long, nice masculine head, very good neck, good length of body, topline is ok, hipbones could be a little bit higher, very good chest, nicely angulated, moves well.


Martta's critique:

Date: 23-5-2015

Class: Champion

Judge: Katrin Raie (EST)

Critique: 3 years old strong but elegant female of nice size, feminen head, would like to see more cheeks, bit ok, could use a bit more underjaw, nice neck, correct top and underline, balanced angulation front and rear, wellset tail, moves a bit close going, ok coming, nice side movement with well kept topline, nice temperament.

EXC1, BOB, BIR, CAC (club cac)

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