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Breed of the year 2015

Once again both Martta & Herbert was breed winners of the year. This was our last exhibition in 2015 and it ended very well with nice atmosphere as usual in the Danish sighthound club!

Both was also BOB with nice critiques from Judge: Jouko leiviskä (FI)

Martta's critique:

3,5 year old very beautiful with excellent proportions, very beautiful neck and overline, good depth of chest, beautiful head, very nice tight feet, super muscle condition, that's why she moves so beautiful, keeping her elegance nicely on the move.

Herbert's critique:

2,5 years old male very handsome boy, with excellent proportions, short and tight body with excellent depth of chest, very beautiful neck and overline, with excellent head carriage, very beautiful eyes with lovely expression, should have straighter frontlegs, wellangulated behind, moves typical behind, little loose in front. Perfectly handled.

I only have this photo from this brilliant day:

Photo: Kaj Frøling

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