Sonya is my shadow. She follows me whereever I go and is very easy to rely on when she's off leash. She has a very sweet character and never goes into a fight. She is a very good nanny for pups as she is so patient and kind to them. She is more typical azawakh though as she is aloof and a bit suspecious at first meetings. She easily gets calm and friendly towards strangers and have no problem with touching. She does not like dogs she doesn't know, but she can get used to them with time. She is beyond beautiful with her perfect topline and very refined structure and lean muscles. 

Sonya left us in July 2015 the most tragic way anyone can imagine. Not even 2 years old.... My heart is broken forever and I will never be able to express my pain! Rest in peace my beautiful sweet friend - you will never be forgotton...

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