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To Canes Gratia


We are a small kennel located in Denmark where we live in the middle of the beautiful nature with forests and fields surrounding us. I started out breeding bulldogs, under the prefix Venges where I focused primarily on health and natural reproduction which became my main reason to breed bulldogs.


In 2010 I became interested in sighthounds, the functionality, health and beauty! Especially the azawakh got my attention with their unique temperament, sculptural looks and the fact that they are made for extremities.


In 2012 I got my first sighthound; a Maygar agár and already one year after I was lucky to get an Azawakh and this was the beginning of my future! I have not been disappointed about living with the sighthounds; They are graceful, agile, a little crazy and very loyal.

In 2013 I achieved being the first French bulldog breeder in Denmark who made a litter with two fully health tested dogs. In 2017 I had the first Magyar agár EVER who achieved being Nordic Lure Coursing Champion. And finally in 2018 I had the first Danish azawakh to achieve the Nordic Lure Coursing Champion title! Three achievements I'm very proud of as they represent what is most important for me - health and functionality! 


We breed according to the FCI regulations and our dogs are dearly beloved family members. The puppies grow up in the middle of the family. 

In 2022 I decided to stop breeding bulldogs because of the health problems. It has been 14 years with bulldogs which has giving me a lot of experience but unfortunately also quite a lot of sorrow and frustration due to the enormous health problems in the breed. 

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